Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Side Garden: Phase One

Or one woman's attempt to take control of her yard!

I tackled the garden today! First I needed to remove the weeds (and if you remember the first pic, you know there was a lot!)

Hidden among the weeds I found this Hardy Hibiscus (which may or may not be still alive). Unfortunately I can't remember what color it is, red maybe?

This unknown plant.....I used to know the name but it escapes me now. I do know that it is about 2 feet tall and has yellow flowers.

And lots of these yellow irises.....

I took a walk around and checked out the other overgrown gardens. I found lots of lovely things, some I remember the name of, some I don't. The one below is Rosemary (I think?) It is a lovely ground cover but not what I need for the garden I am working on.

Aha!!! A geranuim! I need one of those (well, according to the plan I need nine. Hmmmm.......)

Wonder what this is? Any guesses? It's one of those "I'll know it when I hear it" any rate it is very tall with white flowers (you can see the buds in the pic below.)

This is Morning Glory, very tall and grows almost as thick as a bush, with yellow flowers.

Balloon flower I think, if memory serves it's purple. This could possibly go in with the Geraniums.
A strong willed Lilly! It is the only one out of many that has survived my clay ground, better keep it where it is......(yep, I plan on getting this garden into shape too.)

Artemis I think......silver foliage plant no flowers, nice accent. I may use this one.

Another unknown, better get out my plant books........

OOh, ooh, this one I know! Daylilly, I have a whole bunch of these, lots of different colors. This would be a good choice to divide and use in the side garden, perhaps in place of the Switchgrass.

This is Josiah, my 13 year old. He helped me rake away the weeds once I had pulled them all. Isn't he a doll?

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