Monday, June 1, 2009

Garden Plans

So I headed over to the BHG website in search of free garden plans. I wish I could plan it all from scratch but I am not quite that talented. Remember my plan is to go from this:

to beautiful!!! Unfortunately the grass has taken over, but hidden in the chaos are a few plants, such as Iris and a couple others I have forgotten the names of......

The plan I picked out from BHG is call the Summerlong Garden Plan under the No-Fuss Sunny section. Here in White Cloud we are a zone 5 so all the plants will grow well here, however I am going to swap a few out b/c a. I already have a bunch of perennials and b. money is tight!

Here this list as written:
Hydrangea: Light O-Day
Hydrangea: Enless Summer; Blushing Bride
Shrub Rose Little Mischief
Dwarf Mock Orange
Geranium Rozanne
Siberian Iris Sky Wings
Switchgrass Prairie Sky
Lilac Tinkerbelle
Oakleaf Hydrangea Snowflake
Astible Snowdrift

The next step it find out how tall these plants grow so that I can find suitable substitutes. Last time I tried planting Hydrangea it did not go well so I know I will be substituting those.

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