Thursday, May 30, 2013

Someone Stop the Ringing….

The phone is ringing and I want it not to be ringing.  I want it to not be noisy at all cuz right now, right this minute God and I are having a pretty intense conversation about all this love stuff and how 2+2 does not at this moment equal 4.   My phone is the wonderful type that says in a delightful monotone, metallic voice who is calling at the moment.   “Call from @#$!, Call from @#$!, Call from @#$!”   (Okay it doesn’t say a curse word but it feels like it, and that is what I feel like doing when I answer it)

A couple of days ago I waxed eloquent all about the glory of love.  But today, when the rubber meets the road I feel like love has crashed and left me sprawling all over the highway.   Right now I feel like I have put in my coin and God keeps flashing “OUT OF ORDER! MAKE ANOTHER SELECTION” at me.   And to top it off there’s the kid in the pantry trying to convince that he is not sneaking food and I am seriously thinking “Eat whatever you want cuz I’m done feeding the lot of ya!”   I mean I’m all excited about laying it down for the least of these, until the least of these start screaming in my face.

This must be what dying means….sometimes you just have to keep doing what is right, until it feels right.   True love has very little to do with how you may or may not feel.

May I be broken bread, may I be poured out wine
May I incarnate, Your kindness Lord
Spend my life Jesus, anyway You please
Whether on great things, or what seems small
Your will done your way
Your will done your way
Your will done your way
I will not fight You
Take me past the line that my heart draws
I will not fight You
Take me beyond the laziness of my thoughts
I will not fight
Lead me further than I've gone before
I will not fight You
I'm abandoned to Your call
Do not let there be, any part of me
That’s untouchable, unreachable
Let my delight be, living out Your dreams
Washing dirty feet, and kissing yours
God let Your dreams come true, dream through us
God let Your dreams come true through us

Broken Bread- Rend Collective Experiment

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  1. Oh dear friend. I am so sorry for the hard times... Prayed for you just now.


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