Saturday, May 11, 2013

Foster/Adoptive Mom Survival Guide: Resources

Here are some things I love.  Things that keep me sane.

RAD Mom: A great resource if you are dealing with Reactive Attachment Disorder. Seriously good stuff here.  Her words resonate with this trauma mama in a profound way.

Christine Moers on You tube Take a deep breath and watch her videos.  Just try it, you will feel better.  Promise.

This blog.  Written by a foster child that aged out…it is very insightful.  Yes. there is language…might as well get over it now.

This book.  Nancy Thomas’ methods have changed our home, for the better.  We modify to fit our littles but the premise is the same.

Compelled by Love by Heidi Baker Not necessarily about foster care/adoption but specifically about sacrificial love.

Risk is Right by John Piper Because it is.  This book reminds us that we were made for more than white picket fences in suburbia

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