Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What’s going on over there?

Alot.  And I am exhausted.   We had another lamb born, a 100% Cormo Ram lamb.  Sorry no picture yet but I will have one soon!


Jed tested for his yellow belt.  (Doesn’t he look pleased as punch?)


Twila had a birthday! (She is 11 now) We spent all day Saturday creating this monstrosity of a cake.   She loved every minute of it.

And I finally updated the etsy store!


Bay Rum Soap


Hand Dyed Fingering Weight Yarn, Bittersweet


100% Merino, Leprechaun’s Gold


100% Merino, Serendipity

Have you visited our facebook page yet?   The sheep would love it if you would click like :)

Happy Wednesday, I am off to go check the ladies in waiting in the barn!

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