Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2011 Lambs for Sale

Here are a few of the lambs for sale.  We have another batch of lambs coming soon which are unrelated to our previous breeding stock.

DSC_0244 DSC_0245

Jacob/Finn Cross Ewe Lamb (single) out of Grace (Jacob) and Roland (100% Registered Finn).  $200.00DSC_0249

Jacob/Finn Cross Ram Lamb (single) out of  Mariah (Jacob) and Roland (100% Registered Finn) $200.00


Registered Cormo Ram Lamb (twin) out of  Kara (2258) and Herman (2404) $300.00


Registered Icelandic Ram Lamb (single) out of  Bam (LF RAM B2H 385W) and  Lacey (LF EWE B2H 408W) $500.00


Registered Cormo Ram Lamb (single) out of Marianne (2437) and Herman(2404) $300.00


Registered Cormo Ram Lamb (single) out of Paula (2358) and Herman (2404) $300.00

Additional pictures and 3 generation pedigrees available upon request.

Cormo Lambs out of Snuffy are due in May.

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