Monday, January 18, 2010

My First Award!


…and since it’s a happy reward I must list 10 things that make me happy!

Things That Make Me Happy
1. My family!   I hug them every day, they are such a blessing!

2. My bird!   Tyler, my African Grey never ceases to amaze me (or make me laugh)   His latest thing is to laugh then say “That’s not funny!”

3. My farm!   I love watching my chickens, listening to my sheep baa and making cheese from my fresh milk.   God is so good!

5. The sun!  I am desperately searching for it right now……

6. Knitting!  I love the joy of casting on a new project and the victory of finishing it!

7. Spinning!  I feel so accomplish when I can take it from sheep to yarn!   I love the way the Cormo washes so bright white and spins so soft and bouncy!

8.My craft guilds!   I attend spin guild once a week along with knitting, and rug hooking once a month.

9. My Savior!  The way He loves me it often makes me wonder if he knows me at all!

10. My new nails!  I just joined The Biggest Loser at my gym and after being weighed (195!!) I felt a little down.   Yes, you can milk with a manicure!  They make me feel so pretty!

Five Favorite Blogs:
How do I pick just five?
1. The Stockbridge Boiler Room:  An honest discussion of faith.  Even if you are not a Christian it is a good look at who we are…

2. Parrot Musings: Lovely blog! All about….you guessed it….parrots!

3. Craflit: Oh, Heather….you light up my life with wonderful books!

4. Farmmom’s musings: Linda knits and spins with me, in person and online!

5. Farming in the Shade:  Another farm mom living the life!

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