Sunday, August 2, 2009


First let's introduce Tia. Tia is our new llama. I love her. She loves me. However.....
she does not love Todd. He calls her "Osama the Llama". She says he can call her what he wants she still doesn't want his apples.

And now I'd like to introduce our new sheep!!! We are very excited to add Icelandics to our flock from Lavender Fleece Farm.

Laurie was kind enough to show Allison (from Great Lakes Pygora Farm) how to pick out our own sheep. She answered all our questions and Allison and I left very confident in our choices.
I am very excited to now have this breed. When we first began farming I chose the beautiful Cormo Sheep because of their wonderful fleece but our plan was to add Icelandics when we were able. We plan on milking the ewes and hope to add artisan cheese to our many farm products. Not to mention the beautiful fleeces! Icelandic Sheep produce a beautiful dual coated fleeces that has many wonderful uses.

We are very excited about our next breeding season. We have 6 Registered Cormo Ewes to be bred along with a beautiful Cormo/Border Leicester cross, 3 Registered Icelandics and our daughter will be breeding her three Registered Finn Ewes. I guess we are living up to the name: Counting Sheep Farm!

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  1. If you ever need someone to come live at your farm, sign me up because it sounds like heaven!

    I'm just aspiring to getting my "thing" going, getting ready to move out to the country with some acreage and starting to think about getting some sheep. It's so inspiring to see what you and your family are doing!


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