Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome to the farm!

This is Zucchini. He's not new to farm, just nosey and Oh So Cute!

This is Roland, my daughter's new Ram. He is a registered Finn from New York and she is very proud of him. She also brought home a black ewe named Blackberry but she refused to stand still for a picture.

And this is Charlie! He is a Meyers Parrot and we are besotted with him. We have learned a lot about pet bird (such as they bite, they just do) and he spends many an hour perched on someone's shoulder. (Yep, that isn't the best place safety wise (our's not his) but he behaves himself and is rather small so we allow him limited shoulder time and he loves it!

And finally an update on the fleece set to soak in the Fermented Suint Mix. It came surprisingly clean! Due to the high grease in Cormo fleeces it did need one hot wash but just one. It is drying on the back porch because it stinks to the high heavens. I am told that the smell will disapate as it dries. I will let you know ;)

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  1. OMG loving your photos they are all kinds of cute!!! is your fleece still stinky??


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