Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Farmgirl Proud!

So for Christmas this year I get two gifts from my hubby. Diamond earrings and these boots......guess which are my favorite......

Yep, the boots. Don't get me wrong I love the earrings but you can wear these boots in ANYTHING! I guess that makes me a farmgirl, and proud of it!!

The gardens haven't been tended as well as I would like as I was down with the flu for an entire week (that's a month in farmgirl years). But, they have given me lovelies none the less.

This is PattyPaws. She gave birth to three kittens. One died :( You can't tell but she is nursing EIGHT kittens! Yes eight! Her and her mom and sister take turns tending the brood. Go figure!

We have sheep for sale! This is Zucchini, a Finn Whether. He is full Finn but he is not registered. He has okay fleece. Not outstanding but not terrible either. We have noticed that the growth underneath is a lot more crimpy than the tips so it may turn out to be wonderful. He would make a great pet as he is very friendly.

We also have Alex. Alex is a Finn ram, also not registered. He has pretty good fleece. It's lovely but not outstanding. He would also make a great pet if he were whether or could be used in a breeding program to perhaps increase lambing rates.

Well that's all for this post. I will leave you with a few pictures of my lovely son and my prize chickens!

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