Monday, August 8, 2011

Jazzing the place up a bit....

So I have been busy spiffying up the blog :) (Is spiffying a word?) At any do you like it? I still have a couple of things to work out. For instance I hate that I can't seem to get the blog to stretch across the whole space. I want the content in the middle and all the buttons and bajangles out to the sides. I have tried formatting minima to three column but that didn't fix it. Errr..... But the lovely header is from as is the background and the doodad above.

Did I mention we have a new puppy? And a bird? NO? Well, I will have pictures posted soon. They are both quite darling and we think they are perfectly the bees knees.

It's time to go dye for our new fiber/yarn club now. Did you get yours yet? It is the absolute must have for you Wizard of Oz fans out there!

Oh and if you have any hints on how I can fix the column thing do share!

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