Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Going Batty!

Today I updated the Etsy Store.   Friday night we had quite a scare and I am trying to increase sales enough to support the purchase of a guard dog.   We have had people wandering on our property before and I have even caught someone shining our sheep last year during deer hunting season.  However, this weekend it got a little more serious and my children and I ended up locked in my bedroom waiting for the police to respond to my second 911 call.   The first one was made when someone knocked on our back door at 11:30 pm and then ran away.   No big deal really, but I was home alone so I called just to be safe.   I guess they decided they hadn’t frightened me enough and decided to shake the back door as if they were trying to get it open.   In the end it was just a prank but it made me realize our friendly farm dog wasn’t quite up to the job of running offenders off.

At any rate I have listed quite a few batts today :)    I always enjoy carding these up.  I love how each one is just a bit different, even when you use the same fibers.




I am also in the process of updating the Farm Store.


canning peaches

ladies in waiting


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  1. Oh my word, R. Sending up prayers for your safety.


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