Friday, May 15, 2009

Frankenmuth, here we come!!

Wow, the lamb fleeces sold fast! For those of who who are still hoping to get your hands on some cormo we are making the trip the mill on Tuesday with the bags of fiber to be made into combed top and roving for your spinning adventures :) I have decided to try my hand at showing and am prepping Herman's fleece to be entered (we'll see if I change my mind!).

Now that breeding, lambing and shearing is done it is time for reflection. All in all we are happy with our first year. Not because everything went right; but because we learned from our mistakes. Some lessons were hard but they were lessons nonetheless. We have chosen to focus on the blessings: we have 6 six healthy lambs bouncing around the farm (two of which are sold), the wool crop was enough that we will be able to pay for feed for next year (providing it sells of course) and right now everyone is trimmed, wormed, coated and happily pastured. .....and looking a bit naked.......

We will be using Herman to breed the Cormos next year and plan to breed all six registered ewes along with Leah the Cormo/Border Leicester cross. My husband and I can not agree on the Jacobs. I want to continue the pure line, he wants to put all our focus on the Cormos and not invest in a new Jacob ram. Bobbi is travelling to New York to pick up a registered Finn ram so next year's Finn lambs will be registered. On that note, she does have two rams for sale: Alex is the ram she used last year and Zucchini was born this year. He is a beautiful white and black lamb. I will have sheep for sale listed on our website soon.

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