Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amazing Grace

This is Amazing Grace, our new Jacob Ewe. She was born yesterday and her mother rejected her. The Shepherd (my dear husband) went out for a last check in the pasture along with our Shepherd's Assistant (our son Joey) but couldn't find the baby. Until Joey realized that Kara was missing (Kara is the ewe that lost the ram lamb yesterday morning). Sure enough, in the trees quietly nickering was Kara..... and the ewe lamb. She spent all day looking for her baby and it appears she has found it. This baby was a balm to my soul as I am sure it was to Kara's. God even cares for the sheep in my pasture, not just the sheep in His!


  1. your blog! As a shepherd/goat herd I too am amazed at the bounty of bleesings bestowed on us each day! What a wonderful story!
    Melissa aka Farmgirl Chic

  2. Rachel as a shepherd/goat herd I am continually amazed at the blessings big and little bestowed on us each day! Truly wonderful story!


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